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So you got an exciting game huh? You spent countless hours in developing it and now you are ready to launch!

Let's talk reality! Launching a game isn't as easy as just publishing it to the app store and expecting results. Sure miracles happen, but 98% of games do not get the traction they would hope.

Bottom line is that you need a heavy marketing budget!

That is where Smarcle comes in!

Using Smarcle's publishing services, we will review your game and if we feel it has the "potential" to make a return, then we will use our marketing funds to heavily market the game!

What do you get out of it? Well its simple! We do a rev-share with you. Rev-share is on a case by case basis, so there is no direct formula we follow.

So how do you get Smarcle to publish your game? Well, we first need to review it!

Just send us an email to along with a link to a video demonstrating the game.

We will then be in touch!

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